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2 weeks ago
If you are looking for a company that will do shower tile reglazing, and bathtub Refinishing. I will recommend Tub Refinishing Pros is a perfect company to work with.
- Rosie C
a month ago
The Tub Refinishing Pros did a great job addressing our concerns with our bathtub and reglazed everything beautifully. Can't thank you enough. Good work!!
- Krystal P
a month ago
Out of all bathroom refinishers here in Fort Worth, the Tub Refinishing PRos are quite fast, fair priced, friendly and professional. I would definitely use them again.
- Jhon D

Bathtub Refinishing in Fort Worth TX

We all lead pretty hectic and pressure packed lives these days, and there’s no better way to beat stress than sinking into a nice, warm batch and getting your mind and body right.

Unfortunately for some of us though, our bath tubs are anything but a cozy spot to soak.

Through no fault of our own, bathtubs inevitably lose a little bit of their luster. The glaze starts to wear off, wear and tear starts to show, and after years of daily use our bathtubs have seen better days.

Nobody wants to slip into a rough looking tub to escape the pressure of daily life. And nobody should, either.

Well, with our bathtub refinishing services, you’ll be able to breathe new life into your tub faster than you ever thought possible (often in an afternoon) without having to fork over a few thousand dollars to have a brand new tub delivered and installed in your bathroom!

New tubs might only set you back a few hundred dollars (unless you’re going for something above barebones), but the labor to deliver and install a new tub can get pricey in a hurry. This isn’t the kind of project you can just “drag and drop” – pipes have to be replumbed, walls have to be torn open and refinished, tile floors might have to be replaced or reconfigured.

It’s a mountain of work and money – and for what?

The exact same kind of results can be achieved by simply resurfacing your old tub!

Reglazing Is The Way To Go

Rather than rip out and replace your old bathtub, consider reglazing and resurfacing your tub, transforming a dirty, dingy, dinged up tub into one that looks better than brand new – and for a fraction of the cost!

Professional tub repair and resurfacing experts, the Tub Refinishing Pros can knock out this kind of project in day or so, giving up a brand new looking tub (and a brand new looking bathroom) in record time. Spots and stains are no problem to work around, and even chips and cracks can be addressed with the help of our professionals.

We have the tools, the experience, and the know-how to tackle ANY tub refinishing project, helping you to enjoy your bathtub once again without having to throw it out with the bathwater!

Simple and Straightforward Bath Tub Refinishing and Resurfacing Process

The best part of all this is that our tub reglazing and restoration process couldn’t be any simpler or more straightforward.

After you call, we’ll send out a couple of our technicians to get a look at the tub.

We’ll check for weak spots, cracks, chips and dings that might impair the functionality of the tub. We’ll also stay on the lookout for any root causes that might be damaging the tub over time, looking for ways to prevent those issues from popping up later down the line.

From there, we come up with a three step process to strip, clean, and refinish the tub – depending on the construction materials of the bathtub itself.

Stripping the Old Finish Away

No matter the kind of tub we’re working with, the first step is always to strip the old finish that has worn away in spots or become compromised. This is so we can work with a clean slate, a blank canvass, when it comes time to repair and refinish your tub.

After we peel back the old layer of finish and get down to the core construction materials we’re going to start smoothing out and sanding the surface. This preps the bathtub for the repairs and finishing agents we’ll apply later in the process.

Repairs Get Tackled Next

Now that we’re working with a clean slate, our techs are going not handle all the heavy lifting when it comes to repairing your tub.

Once the surface has been removed, all kinds of issues become clear. We’ll see just how back cracks, chips, dents, and dings really are. This where we use our professional, quick acting materials to patch up and seal all of the damage areas. Our techs move quickly through this process, creating a seamless and super smooth surface for the final finishes to be applied.

Primer, Glazing, and Sealant is Then Applied

The last piece of the three step puzzle comes in producing the actual finish itself.

A primer layer is applied directly over the repairs and bare surface we have peeled back. This guarantees that the multiple coats of glazing we apply are going to adhere directly the to the tub surface, creating a chemical bond that cannot be broken up.

Numerous thin layers of reglazing happens next, each layer building on the last while bonding with all of the layers below. This surface is going to end up much, much stronger than the one your bathtub would have shipped with from the manufacturer.

Finally, a couple of top coats of sealant is applied to the entire surface of the tub. This is to keep everything looking nice and new, to protect the refinishing work, and to make sure that you’re going to be able to use your tub (looking better than brand new) for years and years to come with no issue at all!

The kinds of products we use in the resurfacing process guarantee your tub will look like new for at least 10 years, with many tubs looking brand new for 20 or more. Talk about longevity!

Schedule Your Tub Resurfacing Project Today

If you’re ready to breathe new life into your bathtub, enjoying a nice soak without feeling skeeved out by a tub that’s seen better days, drop us a line.

For years now, we’ve been helping people transform their bathrooms back into the oasis it was always meant to be.

With professional refinishing services provided by the Tub Refinishing Pros, there’s no reason to drop a small fortune on a new bathtub and deal with all the construction headaches that involves – especially when you can get better results for a fraction of the price (and not have to deal with people fiddling with your walls or your pipes!).

We hope to hear from you soon!

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